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Autumn Activities

Autumn is a great time to showcase the beautifully wooded landscape of Camp Fincayra and allows for one's artistic creativity to blossom. During our early autumn months The Weekenders program will provide a wide range of nature arts and crafts that are sure to be the centerpiece of any holiday and family affair. Our campers will also experience relaxing nature walks throughout our many trails and foot paths and enjoy the seasonal plant life in our sprawling vegetable garden.

 The Weekenders


  Ages: 6 to 25


The Weekenders is a new and exciting weekend respite program offered throughout the year. While still providing similar activities from our summer camp setting, The Weekenders program will also include a wide variety of seasonal activities throughout the autumn and winter months. Come join us in the winter from a wide range of games and activities including, ice skating, tobogganing and so much more. As we move closer to the spring and summer months, weekenders will get to experience canoeing on Camp Fincayra's two spring fed ponds and river as well as variety of outdoor activities one can enjoy in camp setting. With programs and activities operating all year round The Weekenders ensures a unique and engaging experience every visit. At the bottom of this page you will find our event calendar detailing the dates for each weekend program as well as a more detailed list of activities we offer! For prices, please look under the Parent Info tab.

Winter Activites

With expansive forests, hillside and lakes, our winter activities are sure to be the most unique and exciting Weekenders experience! Join us for ice skating, downhill tobogganing, snowman building competitions and hot cocoa by the fireside. For an even more extensive winter activity experience, check out Camp Fincayra's Winter Wonderland program for ages 6-14.

Spring Activites

The best part about The Weekenders is that our expansive property allows for diverse programs and activities during each season. Where once stood an ice skating rink, in the winter, you will find a gorgeous lake for swimming, kayaking, canoeing and any number of waterside activities! Our open fields and lush forests provide areas for field sports, nature walks, and scavenger hunts. While each season possess amazing opportunities for a wide range of excitement, the transformation of our property from a winter wonderland into a calming springtime getaway shows the full depth of opportunity we offer.

Summer Activites

Our summer programs further expand upon the activities found in our spring programs and make way for our official Camp Fincayra summer camp programs! 

Our next Weekenders program will be held September 27th.. Our weekend campers will enjoy a range of seasonal activities suited for all age groups!

Program Details
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