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Our full week and weekend respite programs are designed to provide the best possible care for your child and allow them to thrive in an outdoor camping environment. 


Dates coming soon!


The Sibling awarness respite program is aimed at providing assistance to siblings of individuals with ASD and other special needs. Many siblings suffer feelings of isolation, insecurity and/or neglect and don’t feel comfortable reaching out to their community or friend group. Others may feel unable to build a relationship with their sibling in the healthy way they always have hoped for and out of guilt, internalize these emotions that over time manifest into negative attitudes and dispositions.



Camp Fincayra will soon be running a program designed for individuals with Fragile X syndrome. Our goal is to focus on kids from the ages of 8-14 who have difficulty with both receptive and expressive communication, difficulty maintaining focus and require assistance with structure. The program is aimed at providing a structured environment where the attendees will work on building skills in specific areas such as:


  • Communication (via ipad + ipad programs developed to enhance communication, both receptive and expressive)


  • Independence (systematic independence programming to be transferred to home and school with dress routine, hygiene, laundry, meals, job tasks and social cues of expectations etc)


  • Socialization (activity participation; staff will also be using ipad as primary tool for interaction)


  • Integration into group dynamic (all attendees will be encouraged to try many of the different opportunities provided by the facility, along with sleeping and eating within a group setting)



Camp Fincayra will soon be running a respite program for individuals with down syndrome that will focus on tools and strategies to enhance the social and team building skills of each individual. Our aim is to focus on kids between the ages of 10 and 18 who would benefit from being placed into a social dynamic that requires them to take part in a variety of activities.  With nearly 100 acres and a facility with many opportunities to enhance socialization and activity inclusion, we believe that offering a tailored environment with well trained and experienced staff provides the best opportunity to develop specific skills in areas that will be integral to the growth of each attendee for the the rest of their lives.


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