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Culinary Arts 

This specialization covers  essential skills in food preparation, safe food handling techniques, and preparing meals for customers. 
Campers will have the opportunity of running a Lunch Shack and learning skills for working in the  food service industry.

Pre Work It Out

Ages: 15 to 29


The Pre Work It Out session will focus on job training in skilled positions (carpentry, agriculture, culinary arts & applied arts ) and the teaching of different life skills that will lay a foundation for them to be transferred to a paid workplace position. Each client will spend their days rotating in different workplace stations that focus on agriculture, woodworking projects, varying property maintenance, animal farming and cooking. Staff will teach an array of different skills through this method and will be able to test and push the range of each client to see what they enjoy most and areas they excel in. In between work programs, there will be activities in place to promote inclusion and teamwork. This part will emphasize on the importance of maintaining good relationships with the people you work with and building friendships with your co-workers.


During the 1st week; campers will have a chance to get to know each camp specialization and decide which one that they like the most!

Residential Program



This specialization offers campers a chance to learn the foundation for employment in the construction field. From learning proper safety equipment and the usage of different tools to taking part in a variety of different projects, this discipline gives campers a solid understanding of what day to day life is like doing construction while equipping them with skills to prosper.

This specialization provides campers with the opportunity to learn from farmers' professional expertise in vegetable growing and chicken keeping. This discipline will teach campers how to live closer to the land and allow them to try a possible career option.


This specialization offers campers the opportunity to visualize a career in the applied arts based on personal interests.This discipline focuses on the concept of entrepreneurship; art as a business and a career path. Campers will explore different artistic disciplines and will learn the basics of establishing their own online small business.

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