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 iCan Talk 2


Ages: 6 to 14


The augmentative communication program iCan Talk 2 will have an emphasis on utilizing different communicative apps to teach language expression and development through an assistive device. The major goal of this is to teach each individual skills and methods that allow them to better express their emotions, their opinions and things they see and want that may be causing anxiety or OCD. This provides each attendee an outlet to express what may be aggravating, intriguing and/or worrying them. This program will also provide iPad apps that structure both micro and macro schedules. This will lay a foundation to enhance the independence of each attendee while also alleviating anxiety and OCD by showing in detail what is to come and expected in each attendee’s day and week. This combination will provide each person with an intensive multi-week experience where much of the communication by both staff and clients will be required to be done through the app program.


Residential Program

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