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A new state of the art dining hall was created in 2013 with fully furnished, home-style bathrooms and an open concept kitchen with window pantry. Our dining hall is designed to cater to maximum campacity numbers while providing an environment where food is not a vulnerability for our campers.




Brand new cabins have been designed specifically for Camp Fincayra to emphasize the importance of inclusion and involvment in a group dynamic. We believe that many camp memories come from hanging out with other campers in your cabin and we created an open-middle concept to allow all campers in a cabin to interact and socialize with each other, while also giving them their personal space and privacy. All cabins are fully furnished with washrooms and showers. This year we have designed designated "sleep zones" for campers who are having difficulty adjusting to sleep in a group environment. All zones are made with enormous pop tents, bunk beds and have an overnight-awake staff to ensure the safety of the camper.



Other fixtures on Camp Fincayra property are our four acre garden, fresh spring lake, winding rivers, chicken coops, nearly endless trails and an open field for active sports such as soccer, golf, frisbee and baseball. Once a week we have an astonomy specialist visit our campers at night with his state of the art telescope to spend time teaching about the moons, planets and stars in our galaxy and universe. 

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