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iCan Talk 2

iCan Talk 2 Summer Camp Program

The augmentative communication program iCan Talk 2 will have an emphasis on utilizing different communicative apps to teach language expression and development through an assistive device. The major goal of this is to teach each individual skills and methods that allow them to better express their emotions, their opinions and things they see and want that may be causing anxiety or OCD. This provides each attendee an outlet to express what may be aggravating, intriguing and/or worrying them.

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Pre-Work it out

Pre-Wok It Out Summer Camp Program

The Pre Work It Out session will focus on job training in skilled positions (carpentry, agriculture, culinary arts & applied arts ) and the teaching of different life skills that will lay a foundation for them to be transferred to a paid workplace position. Each client will spend their days rotating in different workplace stations that focus on agriculture, woodworking projects, varying property maintenance, animal farming and cooking. Staff will teach an array of different skills through this method and will be able to test and push the range of each client to see what they enjoy most and areas they excel in.

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For fees and dates please go to the Parent Information section by clicking the link below

           Fees and Dates

Fees and Dates
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